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 Zakhor. Al Tichkah*          

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Taller de reflección del libro La llave de Sarah
Las 7 generaciones, el cambio, mi papel en la sociedad, el genocidio y la reconciliación fueron temas a tratar con alumnas del Colegio Comercial Guatemalteco. 

 Este taller inspiró el artículoEveryday peace pedalling  

Pronto a publicarse en el e-newsletter Drums of Change

"The Drums of Change publication, in line with the goals and objectives of the ASC Peace and Development Platform, seeks to encourage the sharing of experiences, challenges and successes in peace and development, which lead to learning, forming partnerships and strengthening the solidarity movement.  Drums provides relevant solidarity, policy and development updates concerning peace and justice on the continent, as well as an opportunity for grassroots voices to be heard. The theme of this quarter’s edition is Natural Resources and will be looking at some of the issues that African countries like Malawi and Mozambique are facing with mining conglomerates in their communities."      

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